We will carefully analyze your existing and future group benefit programs
and perform a thorough market search and analysis


  • Carrier Analysis
  • COBRA, ERISA and HIPAA Consultation
  • Large Claim Negotiation
  • Plan Design
  • Funding Options
  • Banking Assistance
  • Plan Documentation Summary Plan Description Preparation¬†

Cost Containment

  • Multiple PPO’s
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Programs
  • Utilization Review Recommendations
  • Large Case Management
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Pre-Certificaton
  • Hospital Auditing
  • Multi-Tiered Plans
  • Disease Management Programs¬†


  • Multiple Top Rated Insured & Stop Loss Insurance Markets
  • Insured Life, AD&D, 401(k), Dental and Disability Plans Available
  • Other Ancillary Plans Available on Both Employer Paid or Voluntary Basis


  • Risk Evaluation
  • Stop Loss Negotiation